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Come work in Denali for the summer!

"Our employees are our most valuable asset."

Most of our employees live at one of our base camp housing areas. Both complexes are located in the wonderful year-round town of Healy, Alaska, which is 10-miles north of the entrance to Denali. When we first purchased The Bake, the only employee housing available was without heat and electricity. As we grew we were determined to find a great place for our employees to live. In 2009, we purchased Healy Base Camp, which initially housed 30 employees. Jumping forward to the present, we have built Base Camp into a wonderful little community of approximately 90 employees complete with a recreation room and brand new private shower house. Base Camp will be your home while working in Denali.

Each room at Base Camp has 2-single beds and basic amenities, and the toilets and showers are located in a nearby bathhouse. If you are coming to Alaska with a friend, you can opt to room together, just let us know in advance.

Rent at Base Camp is $84 a week, which will be deducted from your biweekly paycheck. Rent includes heat, electricity, wifi, simple continental breakfast everyday in the employee recreation room, and free transportation on our shuttle bus. It also qualifies you to take part in the Base Camp meal plan (see below).

In addition to Basecamp, we also have a limited amount of dry cabins/canvas tents available for rent in Denali. This option is $56 a week and includes a single or shared cabin/tent, restrooms provided on property, Wi-Fi, shuttle transportation and close proximity to the park entrance.

We require a $200 room deposit in advance to secure a room.

General Housing Rules

  • Please keep the interior and exterior of your rooms clean.
  • Any overnight guests must be registered with the housing manager & cannot visit for more then 5 days.
  • There is no smoking in the rooms. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas and cigarette butts must be discarded in receptacles provided.
  • 24 hour quiet zone at all employee-housing sites.
  • No pets of any kind are permitted in employee housing.
  • Employees are permitted to park their vehicles on site but need to register vehicles with housing manager.
  • There is no alcohol consumption permitted in the rec room or outside in any common areas. Employees over 21 years of age are permitted to drink in their rooms.
  • Intoxication or behaviors resulting from intoxication are not tolerated.
  • The use/possession of illegal substances or illegally obtained controlled substances is prohibited.

When and Where to eat?

  • Continental Breakfast 7am-11am on site at Base Camps (Coffee, Tea, Juice, Bread, Pastry & Fruit).
  • $3 Employee Menu times are available any time except during peak hours (at Managers discretion) from the location you are employed at.

Full Time Residing Employee Meal Program includes;

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Two Employee Meals from Employee Menu for $3 each from the location you work at only.
  • 50% off Menu items from all DV3 Restaurants (excluding The Overlook).

Non-residing employee program;

  • Full-time employees who do not reside with us are eligible for 50% off Menu items from all DV3 Restaurants (excluding The Overlook).
  • Part-time employees are eligible for 1 meal at 50% off on the day of their shift from the location they work.

General Meal Plan Guidelines;

  • Meals cannot be combined and must be used at separate times
  • You must provide a meal ticket to the manager each time you order your food along with your employee ID. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • You must dine in the designated employee dining areas or take your meal To Go.
  • To Go containers are very wasteful, expensive and subject to a charge. We encourage you to purchase your own to go container to reuse.
  • Do not share your employee-subsidized meals with friends.
  • Base Camp residents get 1 continental breakfast per day at Base Camp.
  • Do not remove any Company glassware from the building.
  • If you would like to bring water to your room you can.
  • Bring a re-useable bottle for water.
  • You are permitted to drink soft drinks during your meals & shifts only. Any other time you are responsible to pay for soft drinks, juice, coffee or tea.

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